Emissions, Energy, and Climate Impacts

Presentation Goal: Collecting and analyzing information about your countryís background, emissions, energy, environmental characteristics and climate impacts to be able to negotiate from an expert position.

5 General Topics

1. General Background information on your country

2. Emissions Profile

3. Energy

4. Range and Depth of Climate Impacts

5. Plans to Mitigate


I. Ideas for the background of Country


II. GHG Emissions Profile


Helpful Links:

GHG Profiles (Annex I) (Non-Annex I)

National Reports/Communications (Annex I) (Non-Annex I): Search for your country by name, and retrieve the most recent report.

** You can use LULUCF data or not, just specify.

** LULUCF: Land Use, Land Use Change, and Forestry (i.e. how much of a sink/source land use constitutes)


III. Energy & Consumption Issues on which to focus include:


IV. Climate Impacts to focus include (examine area in IPCC WG2 first):


IV. Current Plans to Mitigate (Basic Info)


Useful websites

CIA World Fact Book

UNEPís Global Resource Info Database (GRID) Global Environmental Outlook 3

UNEPís Global Environmental Outlook 2000

World Resources Institute EarthTrends, The Environmental

Harvard Medical Schoolís Quarterly Review on Human Health Affects of Climate Change

Center for Global Development: Global Warming and Agriculture (Country Impacts)

IPCC (2007) WG2, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

UNFCCC Green House Gas Inventory Database

Green Energy; (links put together by students at UC Berkeley)

Department of Energyís Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

UNEP Environment and Assessment Technical Report: Global Assessment of Acidification and Eutrophication of Natural Ecosystems

EU Related Policies: Global Change, Climate & Biodiversity

European Commission: Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development

Assessing Climate Change Affects on Land Use and Ecosystems (Funded by the European Commission)

European Forest Institute history and projections