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The digital world moves quickly.

It’s easy to get so busy in the doing that we forget to do the thinking. That's where we can help.

a step back provides you with the research, insights and strategies needed to grow your online business.

The longer spiel...


Six blindfolded men are stood around an elephant and are asked to explain the object in front of them.

The first guy, touching the leg, says ‘it’s like a tree’.
The second guy, touching the ear says ‘it’s like a fan’.
The third guy, touching the trunk says ‘it’s like a snake’.
The fourth guy, touching the tusk says ‘it’s like a spear’.
The fifth guy, touching the stomach says, ‘it’s like a wall’.
The last guy, touching the tail says, ‘it’s a tail’.

This perfectly explains the world of digital. It’s huge and everyone’s touching a different part of the elephant.


a step back was born out of the idea that when we step back, analyse all the elements as a whole, we can get better insights and make better decisions. We use some of the best analytic tools in the industry but metrics are always viewed as part of the bigger picture including offline and wider industry trends. We want to help teams gain the confidence to forge their own path and make the best decisions for their business goals.

a step back takes the same approach to processes. Are we starting with the right insights? Are there tools that could be making this easier? Do we need to completely rethink our approach?

If you think our services could be of help, please send us a message with your details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.