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We are lucky enough to currently be working with abel odor, Tommy Hilfiger, Harriman Steel, Studio Blad and Achab on strategic projects.

Linked In Recommendations

  • Bertrand Capard - Global E-commerce BI Manager at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

"I have had the pleasure to work alongside Andrea for almost 5 years at PVH, supporting her on many of the key digital strategic projects she led during that time for the company. 

Combining her innovative and creative background with a rigorous analytical and insight-driven mindset, she has been instrumental to the foundation of PVH's notorious digital presence. 

Early advocate of the consumer centric model followed by PVH today, she always places the consumer at the center of her execution. This allows her to see past organizational structures and instead to bring experts together and collaborate to in the end deliver the most relevant experience for their consumers.
I am certain I will work with Andrea again. Me and her work extremely well together and she is one expert you want to have around for her skills and experience but also her positive energy and contagious cheerfulness."

  • Tee Twyford - Founder at millennial think tank HUSTLE & HUSH.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Andrea not once, but twice in my career and I'd jump at the chance to work with her over and over again. It is a real pleasure to work alongside someone who is both curious and astute enough to uncover the nuggets and hidden gems in the minutiae and strategic enough to be able to take a step back, make sense of the noise and pull together a considered vision to move forward with. She's as comfortable holding her own and selling in that vision within a board room full of senior stakeholders as she is motivating and collaborating with peers and her team. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat."

Anne Hermans - Co-Founder / Managing Director at Lamudi GmbH | Rocket Internet SE

"Andrea's contagious enthusiasm for digital marketing, combined with a wealth of knowledge made her a 'dream boss' to me. Especially when creativity and innovation came into play, not only was she my to-go-to person for advice, but also my number one cheerleader. She taught me to take responsibility, ask more questions, and to weigh in on a conversation. An e-mail I sent from a holiday address full of brainwaves and inspiration was immediately answered with critical questions and joint excitement. All of this enabled me to grow at a rocket pace, and I would not hesitate to work with her again."